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Plant Growth Regulators


Trade Name:

Active Ingredient:
Sulphur 3.5% (w/w) (Derivative of hydrogen sulphate and magnesium sulphate)


Available Packing:
250ml (Other packing available on request)

BIOVIT® is a plant growth regulator which enhance germination of paddy seed by supplying high amount of absorbed oxygen required for germination process.

– Suitable for all types of paddy fields (dry, moist & submergence) and weather.
– Enable germination of paddy seeds under submerged condition.
– Improves development of root system and increases resistance of paddy to lodging.
– Sowing of BIOVIT® – treated paddy seed into submerged field can effectively prevent germination of weedy rice and weeds.
– Prevents damage of seed or seedling by rodent and bird when rice seeds were water-seeded.
– Optimizes the use of water and reduces soil erosion as water do not need to be drained away

Recommended Usage

Weight of Paddy Seed
Water Volume
BIOVIT® Dosage
20 kg 25 liter 35 ml
Application Method:
Soak paddy seeds in the diluted solution for 24 hours.
Take out the seeds and incubate in the gunny sack for 10-12 hours.
The incubated paddy seeds can be sown into the paddy field.

Note: Use plastic container for soaking of rice seed.