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Maruyama BP 252A
Water Pump


Engine: Air Cool 2 Cycle Gasoline
Dimension: 313 x 230 x 310 mm
Net Weight: 4.9 kg
Displacement: 23.0 cc
Diameter (Suction or Discharge): 25 ml (1 inches)
Maximum Discharge Volume: 113 L/min
Fuel Tank: 0.6 litres
Total Head: 36 metres

Features & Benefits:

▸ Designed for toughest application in agricultural, construction & emergency flood relief.

▸ Awesome power & rugged durability.

▸ Adoption of high output engine with stable performance, easy start & smooth power transmission between engine & pump.

▸ Installation of high performance pump-work can be carried out with 113 L/min of water suction.

▸ Suction & overflow hose is at 1” diameters for fast suction & filling.

Maruyama MKW 1210H
Pressure Washer


Engine: Honda GX 160 Air Cooled 4 cycle gasoline
Rated Output: 2.9 kW
Displacement: 169 cc
Dimension: 470 x 394 x 430 mm
Net Weight: 24 kg
Pressure: 12 MPa
Flow Rate: 10.2 L / min
Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.2 litres
Oil Capacity: 0.6 litres

Features & Benefits:

▸ Excellent cleaning performance.

▸ Compact & lightweight.

▸ User friendly accessories.

▸ Pressure 12 MPa. Dischange 10 L/min with a variety of nozzles for any situation.

▸ Use a water source with the inlet hose or connect directly to the tap via 2 way coupler.

▸ Engine mounted pressure washer can be run 8 hours non-stop.

▸ Variable nozzle RL 16 made in Italy delivers better spray pattern at high pressure.

Maruyama MP 8030E-2M
Water Pump


Rated Output: 3.4 kW
Displacement: 181 cc
Dimension: 525 x 425 x 490 mm
Net Weight: 30 kg
Diameter (Suction or Discharge): 80 mm (3⅛ inches)
Diameter (Maximum Discharge Volume): 1000 L/min
Fuel Tank: 3.6 litres
Total Head: 25 metres

Features & Benefits:

▸ Designed for heavy duty use in irrigation system for agriculture and aquaculture.

▸ Light weight, durable and portable.

▸ Adoption of high-output engine – 4.7 PS with stable performance, easy starts and smooth power transmission between engine and pump.

▸ Installation of high performance pump – work can be carried out with 1000 L/min of water suction.

▸ Accessories suction strainer prevents dirt or impurities from reaching the pump, quick shut-off valve allows easy filtering, cleaning, and changing of filtering elements for pump maintenance.

▸ Suction and overflow hose is at 3⅛” diameters for fast suction and filling.