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Trailer Unit

Mechanized Spray System Trailer Unit


Type: Treler
Engine: Honda GX 270
Tank Capacity: 800 lires
Net Weight: 310 kg
Displacement: 270 cc
Fuel tank capacity: 5.3 (Gasolin)
Pump: JP – 25
Jet Pump: MS 413
Maximum Power: 9 HP / 3600 rpm
Suction Capacity: 26 – 32 L / min
Maximum Pressure: 50 kgf/cm²
Nozzle: Super Zoom
Length: 100 m
Quantity: 2
Diameter: 8.5 mm

Features & Benefits:

▸ Suitable for crop protection.

▸ Effective control and fast coverage for pest outbreak.

▸ Light weight, non-corrosive, durable reinforce fiber glass, and 800 litres capacity spray tank with ultra violet stabilized material. Optional spare tank is available.

▸ Epoxy resin coated structure – prevent corrosion from chemical spray solution.

▸ Fully equipped with powerful engine and high pressure pump.

▸ Equipped with jet pump and mechanically activated inlet valves to enable accurate and fast on spot water refill.

▸ Hydraulic agitation inside the tank for easy and fast chemical preparation.

▸ Zoom nozzle (optional accessory) of 60 L/ha – 1100 L/ha with two 100 metres hose enables:
i) Circle & strip sprayingv
ii) Blanket spray

▸ Seating compartment & toolbox is available.