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Plant Growth Regulators


Trade Name:

Active Ingredient:
p-Nitrophenol Sodium,
o-Nitrophenol Sodium,
5-Nitroguaiacol and other microconstituents
Growth promoting compounds


Available Packing:
250ml (Other packing available on request)

– BICOMINE® acts by stimulating plant cell division, producing more chlorophyll and proteins which promote vigorous growth of axillary buds, formation and pollination of flower, thus increasing fruit weight and early plant maturation.
– Findings from a series of toxicological studies on BICOMINE® have proven its non-toxicity and no harmful side-effect toward plants, animals and human being.
– BICOMINE® is different from other plant growth hormones as it can be applied to plant at any growth stage.

Recommended Usage

(Per 18 litres of water)
Growth stage
Leafy Vegetables
Green & White mustard, Spinach, Kale, etc.
3 ml Seed Immerse seeds in solution for 4 – 6 hours.
Nursery Spray once at 3 leaf stage
Field Planting Spray at 10 ~ 15-day interval
Fruit Vegetables
Cucumber, Eggplant, Bitter gourd, Bell pepper, etc.
3 ml After 1st Flowering Spray at 7~10-day interval for a total of 6 – 8 times.
Watermelon, Winter melon, etc.
3 ml Nursery Spray once every month.
Flowering Spray once during flowering.
Fruit Development Spray at 7 ~10-day interval.
Fruit Trees
Rambutan, Guava, Durian, Star fruit, Lemon, Citrus, etc.
3 ml Flowering Spray at 7 ~ 10-day interval.
Fruit Development Spray at 10 ~ 15-day interval.
Turf, Flowers
3 ml Seeds Immerse seeds in solution for 12 hours
Flowering Spray once on the flower buds.
Growing Foliar spray for a total of 2 – 3 times.
Paddy 3 ml 40 days after sowing

a) Dilute 3 ml Bicomine® + 100 ml Amigrow into 18 litres of water (AMIGROW® at 1.2 litres/ha) followed by 7 days later with

b) Dilute 3 ml of Bicomine® + 100 ml Hi-PK™ into 18 litres of water (Hi-PK™ 1.2 litres/ha).

c) Repeat spray b) at 7~10- day interval until milky stage of paddy.

Note: Do not spray during flowering stage to prevent disturbance in pollination.

Tobacco 3 ml Nursery Spray once during nursery.
Field Planting Spray at 10 ~ 15-day interval.
Cocoa 3 ml Early fruiting stage Spray at 2 week interval
Side graft growth stimulation Spray on side graft at 2 weeks after removal of plastic sheets used to protect the graft. Repeat sprays fortnightly until graft reaches length of 1 foot.